hannah naomi reece laurier
kjn. ksg. β€˜96 liner and β€˜94 liner. nsfw β€” cursing. model!au. eng + fil. mirrored literature.


hello, i’m hannah naomi reece laurier my friends usually call me hannah, naomi, or naoms. but they prefer to call me ganda. ;)

i am messy and active on the tl but very ia when it comes to dms. if you see me being talkative on tl my apologies, but it doesn’t mean that i hate talking to you. it’s just, i don’t know how to prolong convos. so please bear with me :(


hoodies. stuffed toys. bouquet of flowers. music. rain. dogs. foods. dancing. understanding. consistency.


dds. government. homophobic. backstabbers. snitches. annoying ppl. problematic. toxic. clout chasers. insensitive. being alone or left behind.

before you follow

hey watsapp, before you follow make sure you’re going to interact and be friends with me. and take note that i curse a lot so if you are uncomfortable, feel free to unfollow me or sb me and if i say something offensive, hurtful words, or something that is already below the belt please talk to me privately in dms that’s all thankyou <3

also, i do soft blocking especially those accounts that are moved, closed, and hiatus.


symone. alex. trece. niko. aihzer. xan. xian. mei. byu. sol. liza. claire. sanaegi.


kalen. xia. akira best girl. maui. hell balq. luciane. erin. briixianna. tyler. devie. fel. ryleigh. rome. diana. lilac. rye. bella. kane.

bb ghorls

arkie. zyn.

love of my life


due to twitter’s new policy, i would like to say that this account is used for roleplaying and entertainment purposes only

and is no way (in any shape or form) affiliated or related with the celebrity in use.